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SK-Teacher Assistant : Ileana Zia

Ileana Zia

I came to London, Ontario from New York City in 1993 after attending Queens College for two years. I am a loving wife and proud mother of three boys. My career began with taking care of a husband, three young boys and managing a household. This experience equipped me with the ability to multi-task, resolve conflicts and organize educational activities, all of which benefitted me in my current role at London Islamic School. My love of caring for my young children led me to take a course in early child-hood education. It was at this time that I discovered my true love of teaching children. I began with volunteering at my children’s school; Westmount Public School, from 1994-2006. This led me to pursue a position at the London Islamic School, first as a teaching assistant, then as an administrative assistant, and then back to my joy of teaching. Currently, I am the teaching assistant for Junior/ Senior Kindergarten while pursuing a diploma in child psychology. I love my job and feel children need to be loved and cherished. Teaching is not only about instruction, but also of the heart and mind. I feel blessed to work at London Islamic School, it is my second home. Through my diverse upbringing , volunteer background and experience raising three children, I feel fully equipped and able to pursue a career I truly love!