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Principal: Omar Hamadache

Omar Hamadache,
OCT Certified, ATA Member
Principal, London Islamic School

Mr. Omar Hamadache is a certified teacher in both Alberta and Ontario.  He holds: a Bachelor of Education, from Trent University, Peterborough Canada; a Master of Science in Computer Science, from DePaul University, Chicago, USA; a Master of Science in Nuclear Physics, from ULB University, Brussels, Belgium; a Bachelor of Science in Physics, from, University of Science and Technology, Algiers, Algeria.

Mr. Omar Hamadache has over 18 years of academic experience in teaching and education management.  Omar started his career as a University professor and Researcher in nuclear power plant in Algiers and Belgium for 6 years.  He moved to Chicago and worked as a Business Information Specialist, at ZS Associates, for 2 years.  Then he taught computer science, algorithms, and mathematics at DePaul University, in Chicago for 3 years.  Then he moved to Canada and worked as a high school teacher in Ontario for 6 years.  He also held the position, vice principal and principal in Ontario and Alberta for 4 years.  Then he moved to Kuwait and He worked as a Vice Principal of an International American School, and an Education Consultant for International schools, for 2 years.  

Mr. Hamadache is currently working as a Principal of the London Islamic School, in London Ontario. 

Omar is also a public speaker who presented several workshops in several countries in three languages. He also gives Khutbas for Fridays congregations.

Principal’s Message (Yearbook-2012-13):

As my first year at LIS as a principal, I would like to take the opportunity to express my sincere thanks to the school board, the admin team, staff, parents and students for their hard work and support.

Another successful year has passed.  It was a year full of learning, fun, and great achievements.

I am very proud of our school’s achievements this year. Our students participated in a variety of academic events, namely Mathematica Centrum, Gause, Math Mania, EQAO tests, Quran Competition, Hadith Competition,  Islamic trivia, Islamic Fair, and speech competition, just to name a few! Other major achievements this year were the performance of the Hajj Walk and as well as the establishment of the elementary basketball league.

The students partook in a variety of field trips this year. The grade 8 class visited many of Toronto’s greatest landmarks, including the CN Tower, Toronto Island, Canada’s Wonderland and the Science Center. The end of year field trips to African Lion Safari, the Toronto Zoo and the Toronto Science Center were also a success. We really appreciated the parental support during the basketball tournament, as it will be remembered as one of the highlights of the year. Another one of our great achievements was receiving the gold medal in the Healthy School Program as a result of our school’s participation in Healthy Breakfast and Heart and Stroke activities.

With the implementation of the new L.A.M.P. Program (Language, Art and Math program), students with additional needs have been given the support to reach their potential. We also implemented the D.E.A.R program (Drop Everything And Read program) that exercised students’ minds by reading daily for 15-20 minutes. Additionally, we are proud to announce that the new Merit/Demerit policy has rectified any of the discipline issues LIS has had in the past and promoted great behavior throughout the school year. With this policy, our students have realized that practicing self-discipline is conducive to a more effective learning environment. The school’s monthly virtues helped students understand valuable Islamic characteristics and apply them to their daily lives through class activities and assemblies.

Since safety has always been a priority for our students, we have improved our school’s evacuation routes in case of a fire.  Students did a perfect evacuation time. We also kept school doors locked during school operation hours. Additionally, students attended hydro safety presentations to make them more aware of dangers associated with electricity. Another improvement for our school is the investment we made in technology. Thanks to our fundraising efforts and parents’ donations, we have installed Microsoft Office and Adobe Writer in the computer lab. We have purchased five Team Boards and one Smartboard, which will be up and running by next September InshaAllah.

Thanks for all your support and for a great year!


Omar Hamadache, LIS Principal